Flexible Broadband Services

Finishing Touches

Though it dry in the loft we thought it would be a good idea to cover the Access point somehow. Using an old ice cream tub (cleaned of course), I drilled some holes in the side to allow airflow and cut away a section from the bottom for the cables. Nick then screwed it in place over the top of the access point. I think its looks good. Should keep the dust and crap out.

Ice Cream box covering access point Nick Fixing the Ice Cream Cover
Wires across the loftspace Nicely done

After running the Ethernet and earth cabling I grounded the earth to a copper water pipe. I realise this isn't going to do much against an actual lightning strike but its a very unlikely event anyhow. I decided to earth the unit more to discharge any static build-up which could cause interference.

Nick punched a hole from the roof space into the server room so we could connect the Ethernet and power over Ethernet cables.

Wire into server room Hole number 3!
Nick and Dad Fixing wires Nick and Dad fix the wires into place

It proved difficult to make a hole in the ceiling (well at least to work out a good place, my loft is tight and as you can tell from the photo it slopes away making positioning very difficult. On the third attempt, we managed to poke a decently sized hole down into the server room. It was then a simple case of plugging in the power over Ethernet unit, connecting the access point into the network. Then a quick trip to Nick's house, inserting the PCI wireless card into his PC powering it up and finding the access point (at this point I ran the network unsecured its better this way to make sure everything is working before adding the security).

Hurray the signal strength is low but constant allowing 802.11g between our houses.

The only job left is to configure the security settings on the access point