Flexible Broadband Services

In the Loft

Picture of Small Space My loft is small difficult to get in dark and cold however this is where Nick and I spent most of our time during the install. After finding a load of pieces of wood to brace the floor (there is no proper floor and I don't think my parents would have been too impressed if we fell into their bedroom! The picture before is of the loft opening and Nicks Arse! To the right out of shot is the water tank and I stood in the loft opening to take the photo.

Next Step was to drill out to the antenna and pull the cables into the loft. It was tight up there not enough room to get the drill close enough with the small bit we had. Fortunately Nick is great at DIY and saw a way, grabbing a hammer and chisel he proceeded to remove a brick out of the wall to give him enough space to punch a hole outside. Below is a photo of Nick after punching through the wall (he looks distracted because he is on the phone to his beloved Becky :-P ), its pretty dirty work up here.