Comparason of Visual Basic and C++

Due to time contraints I have decided to switch to visual basic, I have detailed in rough some of the reasoning below.

Visual Basic


RAD tool quick to build Windows Applications, just drag and drop menus forms and buttons. This has an additional benefit, applications end up looking like other windows applications, with makes them easier to understand. Users are much more comfortable learning programs if they behave in expected ways al la HCI foundations. Prior knowledge of visual basic development should help me to progress at an improved rate over the C++ development curve.


Interpreted language, this causes it to perform slower than a c++ program, it can also cause faults across different computers, as different speed computers queue the instructions in different ways across different versions of windows and speed of system. Not x-platform totally windows orientated Not an object orientated language.



Compiled language faster execute times than visual basic, (assuming of course the code is well written poorly written code will run slowly. Programs can be made to be x-platform (assuming no windows specific calls are made)


Steep learning curve, not easy to create menus and dialogs

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