OZ Adventure

Pictures from OZ

The Journey Begins Sydney

After a long flight on Singapore airlines, I felt tired and stressed just wanted to find somewhere to crash. I had a day to kill in Sydney before heading to meet Phil in the Goldcoast. Unbeknown to me a friend Paul Aiden had arranged with Ian Brook to meet me at the airport. Unfortunately, due to bad planning and Murphy's Law we missed each other and I made it to the central station before I thought to call him. Thankfully, we eventually met up and I met his lovely girlfriend Lisa, they even let me stay on the couch, thanks guys!

Meeting Paul Aiden (and Girlfriend Lisa) in Sydney

Surfers Paradise

I was still jet lagged when Phil met me at Collongata airport, which I found out another name for the Goldcoasts Minor airport. I had a moment of Panic getting off as they had moved gates before I boarded and when I got off and I wondered if I had landed in the correct place. I needed have worried though Phil turned up as I picked up my bags, and in a moment he loves the first words I said to him were "Phil your fucking blond!".

Bond University where Phil worked

Phil was renting a room in a place about 10 minutes walk from Surfers Paradise centre, like Paul he lent me the couch. Unfortunately, Phil's roommates got up at 6am. Waking me up and worsening my jetlag.

Our home in Surfers Paradise

No sooner had I met Phil than he was banging on about diving. It seemed fairly interesting so it didn't take too much convincing to go out and give it a try.

My first dive

I enjoyed diving so I thought I would try another Ozzy favorite surfing. It was great fun one of the things I regret is not trying it out more while I was out there, Newquey anyone?

Learning to Surf

Byron Bay was a littl eday trip from surfers Paradise I must admit it was one of my favorite places. A completely beautiful beach and an amazing view out to sea even saw a whale way out in the distance.

Byron Bay

The first Stop in Noosa

Phil and John do Noosa

Mission Beach

Calypso Dive
Mission Beach


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